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Day 1 of Bird Watching Kenya Safari: Nairobi- Maasai Mara

Leave Nairobi for Masaai Mara game reserve, Lunch at Sentrim lodge. After Lunch spend the afternoon searching for bird life which is as profuse as it’s mammal fauna this includes red winged scholars Turaco, Orange – buff pel’s fishing owl and flocks of wary crested guinea fowl.

Dinner and overnight at Sentrim Lodge

Day 2 of Bird Watching Kenya Safari: Maasai Mara

Full day bird watching where on the open plains there is a verity of bustards including the large Jackson’s bustard. The latter during nuptial display soars high in the air then with rigid wings descends slowly to greybackfiscal in Bird Watching Kenya Safari earth like a prickled balloon ground hornbills are ones of the most spectacled birds of the open plains & more easily seen in the Mara than elsewhere in Kenya birds of prey are abundant and no less than 53 different species have so far been discovered, secretary birds are a common sight as they stalk sedately over the grasslands, and in the sky there are always vultures and that effortless flier the batelour.

Dinner and overnight at Sentrim Lodge or Similar.

Day 3 of Bird Watching Kenya Safari: Maasai Mara – Lake Naivasha

After breakfast, leave for lake Naivasha which is a bird watcher’s paradise, water birds exist in great variety and abundance fish eagles & ospreys are residents herons & egrets, lily – trorlters purple gallinishes, red knobbed coots & black cracks are common African marsh harrlers and the three migrant harriers are often seen sailing just above the reed bed’s hunting the little hyperolis tree frogs which form the bulk of the diet. Some 13 km south of lake Naivasha are the towering cliffs of the hell’s gate gorge, with their resident pair of Larmmergeys, several verreaux’s eagles,colonies of ruppel’s vultures and other notable birds .

Dinner and overnight at Sawela lodge

Day 4 of Bird Watching Kenya Safari: Lake Naivasha- Lake Nakuru

After breakfast, explore the rich bird filled gardens or an optional boat ride to the crescent island, then proceed to Lake Nakuru National Park arriving in time for lunch. It is the world’s famous haunt of flamingos. The landscape is picturesque areas of the sedge, marsh and grasslands alternating with rocky cliffs, and outcrops, stretches of yellow backed acacia woodland and on the eastern perimeter rocky hillsides covered with forest of grotesque looking euphobia trees all set against a background of hilly broken country. Both lesser and greater flamingos occur abundantly as non-breeding visitors on Lake Nakuru, the former vastly the more the numerous. There is a great variety of other water birds including two interesting ducks, the cape pigeon a lover of blackish waters, and the stiff tailed maccoa duck, blacksmith plover, spurwing plover, crowned plover, kittliz’s plover, birds of prey includes, lanner, long crested eagle, augur buzzard, red-chested cuckoo, lillac breasted roller, grey headed kisher and bronzy and variable sunbirds.

Dinner and overnight at Sopa lodge

DAY 5. of Bird Watching Kenya Safari: Lake Nakuru  – Lake Bogoria Spa

After breakfast visit lake Bogoria which is a regime of great scenic beauty to the east steep hills descend abruptly to lake shore, whilst along the western shores, which are filter a series of spectacular hot spring. It has an abundance of large concentration of lesser and greater flamingos which often frequent the lake, black necked grebe, fish eagle- spur winged plover, black winged stout to mention a few.

Back to the spa for lunch and have a leisure after noon. Optional activity is swimming

 Day 6.  Lake Bogoria – Leave for treetops via Thompson falls to arrive at Outspan hotel (the base for treetops) in time for lunch. The famous Treetops hotel is situated in a salient of the Aberdares national park.

Dinner and overnight at the treetops hotel.
Game viewing from your room’s balcony where a swampy glade, waterhole and saltlick is the most likely place in Kenya from which to see bongo these large and handsome forest antelopes being frequent visitors.

DAY 7: Treetops –Samburu
After breakfast leave for Samburu to arrive in time for lunch. Bird life is sparklingly numerous and colorful. There is no difficulty in seeing well over a hundred species of birds in a single day.

Dinner and overnight at Sentrim Lodge

DAY 8: Samburu

Pre breakfast, bird watching and game drive is done full day with view of the Maasai ostrich, buffalo springs, in the reserve of that name is the drinking place in the dry season for literally thousands of sand grouse and doves in addition to a galaxy of smaller birds the tiny pygmy falcon is common.

Dinner and overnight at Sentrim lodge

DAY 9: Samburu –Nairobi

After breakfast, have a game drive enroute to Nairobi to arrive in the early afternoon for lunch at Boulvard

USD 2700 Person